Ricky McCormick Cipher Wiki

The purpose of this wiki is to allow anyone who is interested to help out in decoding the mystery of the encrypted notes found in the pocket of Ricky McCormick by those investigating his murder. After seeing many different news articles about the murder mystery, I noticed that a lot of people were posting their own interpretations of the code as well as possible solutions. The problem was that all the different people working on this same problem were spread across many different blog and news comment sites. This wiki is an attempt to focus the great work everyone's been doing in a single easily locatable location on the web.

Latest Items

2012-12-16: Updates to Analysis, Case File, Possible Solutions, Scripts pages.
2012-06-13: River Front Times - Code Dead: Do the encrypted writings of Ricky McCormick hold the key to his mysterious death
2012-05-30: Crime Museum Blog - Ricky McCormick and the Encrypted Notes Found
2011-04-23: Ventura County Star - Nash: FBI needs your help on murder mystery: Solve 30 lines of coded writing
2011-04-17: San Angelo Standard Times - OUR OPINION: Stumped FBI asks for help in cracking code
2011-04-09: Daily Breeze - Can you crack code for FBI?
2011-03-29: FBI.gov - Help us crack a code in an open murder case.

Site Areas

  • News - An index of new information pertaining to the mystery.
  • Case File - A central reposition of all known information on Ricky McCormick and the murder case, with all sources of information to be fully cited.
  • Code Sources - Along with the two original source images, people can upload their interpretations of the code for analysis.
  • Analysis - A place to house graphs, tables, datasets created from analysis.
  • Scripts -- user submitted software, scripts and code used for stats, analysis,etc.
  • Possible Solutions - An area where people can post their proposed solutions with references to specific Code Sources for analysis and peer review.

How do I get started?

To get started, go and read some of the news articles or the Case File and learn about the story of Ricky McCormick.